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The Bonapace Method was created on a foundation of thorough, peer-reviewed scientific research into non-pharmacological pain management. You can download and read two such scientific articles here, and cite them as needed:

The Birthful Podcast: Working with Childbirth Pain, with Julie Bonapace

In this 1 hour podcast, Julie and Adriana Lozada discuss the paradigm of pain in childbirth, and how women are brilliantly hardwired to work with their sensations in childbirth.


Journal of Pain Research

This article shows how the Bonapace Method, when compared to traditional childbirth classes, reduces the intensity and unpleasantness of labour pain by almost 50%.

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BIRTH issues in perinatal care. A peer-reviewed Journal

This high-quality study of 57 randomized, controlled trials uses the Bonapace Method of classification for non-pharmacological techniques. It shows that when women feel safe, they experience better and safer births.

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SOGC Pain Guideline

Julie Bonapace is the main author of this guideline for the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada. It defines the gold standard in pain management for Canadian hospitals and health care providers.

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“Les Maternelles,” 2014

Julie Bonapace presents her new book “Accoucher sans stress avec la Méthode Bonapace,” and discusses the impact of hormones on pain management in childbirth.

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“Les Maternelles,” 2011

Highlights from a training session in France, where Julie Bonapace shows a group of midwives how to implement the Bonapace Method in their own practices, and parents who’ve worked with the Method share their experiences.

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“Quand passe la cigogne,” 2011

Jonathan and Clothilde discuss how the Bonapace Method helped them prepare for the arrival of their second child, after the loss of their first child shortly after birth. Julie Bonapace describes their experience working together with the Method toward a happy and healthy birth.

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Official Bio

Julie Bonapace is a pain specialist and the main author of the Canadian Pain Management Guideline for the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada (SOGC). She is a researcher and childbirth educator who helps parents and health care professionals gain a better understanding of pain management mechanisms and techniques to work with the sensations of childbirth. She holds both a Masters degree in Education as well as Bachelors degrees in social work and social sciences, and has extensive experience training health care professionals throughout the world on natural methods to help parents experience pleasure, satisfaction and safety in birth.

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