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Getting started with the Bonapace Method: everything you need to know to get the most out of Birth School.


0.1 – Getting Started
0.2 – How the Bonapace Method began
0.3 – The importance of teamwork in pregnancy
0.4 – Content and goals of the Bonapace Method

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Module 2: Preparing the body

Let’s explore powerful techniques, including Yoga, meditation, breathing routines, and physical exercises, to prepare your body for the big day, both mentally and physically.

2.1 – Basic Yoga Poses to Prepare for Birth
2.2 – Preparing Your Perineum
2.3 – Breathing, To Relax and Control the Mind
2.4 – Finding Zen During Pregnancy

Module 4: The big day

Let’s take a look at the big event: childbirth. In this module, we’ll explore the physical process of labour, and show you how to use the built-in tools your body has to help you through this journey.

4.1 – The Journey: What you Need to Know
4.2 – The Paradigm of Pain in Childbirth
4.3 – Hormones to the Rescue
4.4 – Sex and Childbirth
4.5 – Birthing Your Baby
4.6 – Protecting the Perineum

Module 1: What you need to know

Let’s visualize your pregnancy and the big event (birth!), and learn how to work actively toward that dream. We’ll look at tools and resources to keep your wellbeing, and your baby’s wellbeing, the number one priority through this journey, and to help you tackle every big decision along the way.

1.1 – Preparing for Birth
1.2 – What Makes Women Happy
1.3 – Using the BRAIN Model for Informed Decision Making
1.4 – Women’s and Baby’s Rights
1.5 – How to Make Your Birth Wishes Come True

Module 3: Modulating pain

Let’s take a look at the biological mechanisms that control how we feel pain &mdsh; and learn how you can take control of these mechanisms naturally in childbirth.

3.1 – Pain, and How We Feel It
3.2 – Activating the Gate Control Mechanism
3.3 – Light Massage
3.4 – Light Massage Practice
3.5 – Moving During Labour
3.6 – Creating a Second Pain: Fighting Fire with Fire
3.7 – Acupressure Practice
3.8 – Controlling the Mind

Module 5: Emotions and childbirth

Let’s talk about the power of emotions, and how they can help you create the birth you want.

5.1 – Emotions: The Key to Creating the Birth You Want
5.2 – The Power of Mental Imagery
5.3 – Emotional Freedom Technique (ETF)
5.4 – Dreams: A Guide to Your Inner Worlds