We're teaching the world to trust in birth.

Our Mission

We are teachers, team builders, and innovators, working to change the way the world approaches pregnancy and birth.

The way the world treats pregnancy is broken…

There’s no reason for birth to be seen as mysterious or scary, and yet, around the world, birth has become just that. We have forgotten, as a population, how to trust birth and the miracle of pregnancy. We place our trust in others to tell us what to do, what’s right and wrong, to deliver our babies and to guide our experience for us. We’ve lost touch.

Birth has become over-medicalized, monetized, and intervention-based. Procedures are performed without the informed consent of parents, sometimes even when nothing needs to be done.

Traditional birth prep classes don’t help–they put their focus on what can go wrong, rather than seeking to encourage, empower, and prevent. Couples learn to fear the birthing process, they feel alone, isolated, and lose sight of how to work as a team.

…and it’s our mission to fix it.

We are Teachers

We give fathers, mothers, and health care professionals the resources and tools they need to approach pregnancy with confidence. We show them how to reclaim birth for themselves, how to approach every milestone, and how to own the whole experience, start to finish.

We are Team Builders

We give fathers and birth partners the hands-on tools they need to create and support mothers’ birthing spaces and to make sure they’re honoured and respected in the decision making process. We make couples into the powerhouse team they’re meant to be, so that pregnancy is easier and the transition to parenthood is smoother.

We are Innovators

Our work spans not only our home in Canada but the whole world at large:

  • We wrote the Canadian guideline on Nonpharmacological approaches to pain relief during labor and delivery for the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC). Guidelines to be applied in all Canadian Hospitals.
  • We regularly conduct studies on hormone production and pain- and stress-management throughout pregnancy and labour, and we publish our findings for all to see.
  • Even though we are a small company, we train midwives in Northern Africa every year at a fraction of the cost.

Our Team

Brought together by our passion for nurturing, wellness, and love of life.

Julie Bonapace

Julie Bonapace

Creator, CEO, Pain Management Specialist

From the start, my life’s work has revolved around working with families, but not always in the way you might expect. Before I became a pregnancy Bonapace Method Coach, I worked as a divorce mediator for the Ministry of Justice of Quebec. After I’d seen so many marital rifts and observed the patterns and behaviours that led to them, I decided to devote myself to preventing them entirely. I created a program that would give parents tools that would help them form the bonds of a strong relationship during one of the most pivotal times for any family—the arrival of a baby.

The Bonapace Method was born out of studying pregnancy, its practices and traditions, through families and cultures all over the world. I combined this with research I conducted on non-pharmacological pain management as part of my master’s degree at the University of Québec. The Method grew with the addition of mediation and team-building exercises, yoga to foster awareness of the mind and body, and stress-management techniques that I adapted and cemented out of my love of extreme sports (I’m an adrenaline junkie). Taught through my workshops, these tools are designed to show you how to understand and harness emotions, how to communicate and encourage teamwork, how to naturally redirect pain, and how to think through the toughest scenarios and make informed decisions even in times of stress. They are skills that I am looking forward to sharing with you as you embark upon your own adventures with your beautiful, growing family.

Dr. Malika Morisset Bonapace

Dr. Malika Morisset Bonapace

Bonapace Method Coach, Perinatal Psychologist

Dr. Malika Morisset Bonapace has known the Bonapace Method her whole life; in fact, she was born with it—her mother, Julie Bonapace, developed the method while Malika was in-utero. The principles of the Method, especially the pain management techniques, helped Malika from a young age–she’s never once needed pain killers at the dentist! Today, Malika is a doctor of psychology, specializing in birth and the transition to parenthood. She is the director of the Bonapace Method Coaching Program, and has been a certified Bonapace Method Coach of the Method since 2008. She is passionate about helping expecting mothers and fathers realize their true potential as a parenting team.
Emilie Salesse Gauthier

Emilie Salesse Gauthier

Bonapace Method Coach and mother of four

Emilie Salesse Gauthier’s first pregnancy left her feeling that there could be more to the experience of giving birth. Having heard of the Bonapace Method before, she made a point to seek Julie out for her second pregnancy in 2015. She fell in love with the program, and ultimately joined the Bonapace team. Emilie is a both a certified Bonapace Method Coach and a project manager, helping to facilitate the physical and web workshops, marketing, and media production. She takes pride in helping expecting parents feel confident in themselves as they take on one of the most wonderful events in their lives.