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Live a Natural Birth

Learn simple, scientifically-proven methods to cut down the need for medical interventions and reduce labour pain by almost 50%.

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Break down challenges systematically, stay informed, and take on each big decision with confidence.

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Work actively with your partner in every step of pregnancy and through your transition to parenthood.

Online Pregnancy Course

Take part in our online interactive training program to learn simple and powerful tools to creating the beautiful birth experience you want. Our courses are designed to help you and your partner become a powerhouse team, take on tough decisions with confidence, to take the pain out of labour (naturally!), and most importantly, to welcome your baby into the world in safety and comfort.


Parenthood is a long journey, from planning, to pregnancy, to giving birth, and it’s not always easy to know where to turn. Our pregnancy coaches are here to help you whenever you need, over the entire course of the perinatal period—that’s even before conception, all the way up to two years after your baby is born.